About Us

Gico Music, a company owned and operated by John R. Carey (President) and Gina L. Carey (CEO). Gico Music is a company that specializes in creating quality family friendly events has been in existence since 1996. Since then we have produced many superiority productions such as….

v      Festivals

v      Live Concerts (Blues, Jazz, Soul, Gospel etc.)

v      Live theatrical plays

v      Dance Productions

v       Record Production

v      Song Publishing

v      Song Writing & Arranging compositions

v      And more……….


Mission Statement

Gico Music is a premier entertainment company that upholds the highest standards of integrity and morality. We believe that music is the universal language of the world and that is the common chord that connects all humanity. Therefore, because music is such a powerful communicative tool, we are committed to producing quality productions that will not only inspire event attendees to consider exploring there God given talents and utilizing them within there own communities, but encourage them to become visionaries .Gico music believes every goal is obtainable, every dream can be reached and that all things are possible to them that believe!



Smooth Jazz/Funk/Soul/Inspirational/Urban

From Gico Music To You

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What was your favorite Gina Carey & John Carey song?

Without You (20)

Life Is More (10)

A Change (10)

Unbelievable (8)

I Care (10)

Say Yes (8)

Groove To This (10)

Rain In Spain (9)

Step Show (8)

Feekin Good (142)

Total votes: 235